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Cleaning Brush

To keep our health safety, it is very important to keep clean the house & home sphere. And we use a lot of things for this cleaning. Such as various types of cleaning brush for cleaning the house, floors, walls, furniture and others. We also use the brush for cleaning the fruits. All these things are available to jadroo.com.

Mosquito killer

Sometimes mosquito has become the cause of our concern. To prevent such as insects, we use different mosquito killers. Jadroo.com sells very effective foreign & local pest killers.

Medicine box

Often we all take medicines specially patients. Pill containers are essential for all types of patients, those who have memory deficiencies. Pill organizers also needed those taking multiple medications. These problems may be solved by the pillbox or medicine Organizer. Jadroo.com provides various features pill box for the mechanism to prevent double dosing.


Now talking about to the bin. We use the bin to keep clean our home, office, compound or other areas. Bin also is known as dustbin, waste container, trash can or rubbish basket. Jadroo.com provide different features bin like wooden bin, plastic bin, metal bin and others.

Storage bin

Storage bin means to collected jar or pot something. Storage bins are different depending on product variation. There is a difference in the use of storage bin.   We store various types of essential implement like books, pen, clothing, cosmetics, flower, fruits, vegetables, stationery item, milk bottle, tissue, toothbrush, electronic machinery and many more. This bin is made up of various components like clay, tree, wood, bamboo, plastic and various metal materials. Jadroo provides various kind of storage bin only for you.

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